For Organisations

Professional Documents

It is important to ensure that your document is free of errors and is consistent in messaging. Be it your annual report, business proposal, personal statements- your success is depends on the quality of document prepared by you.


Get it professionally edited before you go to print. Our professional document editing services are designed to cater to all your needs.

Step 1

Choose an editor with expertise best matches your document.

Step 2

Your editor will assist you to prepare print-ready and effective document by reviewing and correcting the following aspects:

  • Flow logically
  • Coherent and organisation
  • Choice of words, accurate in information with appropriate tone
  • Grammar, punctuation, use of language, sentence structure and phrasing
  • Typographical errors
  • Spelling & formatting
  • Message and data consistency
  • Others**


Step 3

Receive edited document, review and contact us should you need further assistance.


Advance Editing

Choose this service if you are confident about the organization of your document but would like us to check the language thoroughly.

Premium Editing

Choose this service if you would like a thorough check for both language and the overall structure, clarity, flow, logic, and coherence of your document.